Saturday, March 17, 2018

Those Irish Snakes and Evolution

I offered you snakes, they've taken rather a devious route and still haven't got where I expected, but maybe next year... in fact the more I pulled out to use, the more got left out.
Ireland being an island, how did the snakes get to other lands?  Browsing through my stamp collection, it struck me... they had to be able to swim.  And I got side-tracked, as I wondered what St Francis, Patron Saint of Animals, would have said to St Patrick about his evicting them from their home.  I saw them on a cloud, harps set aside for The Debate.  The Muse insisted I deal with that first:
A super-thick chippie cloud, some stencils, Pebeo black mica mortar, snake-skin-looking papers die-cut, the Lamb of God refereeing.  St Francis was a line drawing image google found for me.
  Stampamania snake coiled at the bottom.  Like the wobbly eyes?

It occurred to me these guys were behind the Pearly Gates, and the right gate stamp had just come up from Artfull Crafts in Timaru (one of the few shops maintaining a street presence in NZ and a well-stocked online store just changing ownership this month).  And for pearliness, some bubble acetate to stamp on:
Typical of this whole project, great idea, didn't fit the cloud!  Ah well, it'll turn up somewhere some day.
But at last, The Muse let me get back to snakes, swimming away.
You'll never look at an octopus the same way again - all those snakes sharing a brain cavity, no wonder they're so smart - there are 8 brains co-operating in there!

Butter Side Down portuguese man o war, moray eel
Chocolate Baroque August undersea, steampunk funky fish set
Stencil Girl Jly/2014 Lets Get Cellular, L186 Coral, Jan'17 Club
Teesha Moore for the tiny tentacled beings
Heartfelt Creations Festive Gate
Cheery Lynn Lucy the Lamb
The only theme this month is Anything Goes Except Cute!!  And we really mean it - sweet, cute is, as always, OUT
Keep sharing your weird, your dark, your off-beat, 
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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Wild Dreamers

I like silhouettes, beautiful and dramatic at
the same time ... Here's couple ATC's I made
using Gecko Galz papers and silhouette image

Colored with Copics, and for upper one I used some

Now let us see what's you've been up to:
link HERE

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

February's Challenge Winner is in the box.

Welcome back! We have a double treat today! Yepp a bit late on announcing our February Winner but none the less here we are!

The winner is IKE for her wickedly dark playing card! Check it HERE
Drop us an email at I think Asylum Anne has a non-looney treat in store for ya!

And part two of the treat! Better than Valentine candy for sure....welllll unless it's chocolate!

It has been confirmed, Asylum Anne is bonkers - she's hearing Voices!  Stencilgirl Voices to be precise.  The March Club stencils are out, and she has voiced her opinion of them:

Normally, Stencils are part of layering sequences when I use them, but these stencils fell so far out of the box, they ARE the box – with all the rigidity that implies. Once I have a “story”, a piece just takes off, and this 12x12 page was no exception.  The starkness of the stencil lines, the bleakness of the story, the straight lines of film strip down the sides, and all I needed were some illustrative stamps from (alas their vulcaniser, Pete, has been unwell, their stamps are temporarily unavailable) Poor Leonardo Da Vinci bottom right, with staircases to the sky… Rigidity is scary!

These “Legal Eagle” crows have been waiting a few years to submit their evidence, as have some tags prepped with shaving cream background. In order to retain as much of that colour, the stencil was used with clear embossing powder on the right-facing xrow. The diagonal lines on the 6” stencil worked well, and the book stamp was stamped twice for each page, fussy cut, then extra-fussy cut and glued over the the bigger one to look like real pages. Because the tags’ theme was words, the other one had a background of stamped text before the stencil was overlayed – giving shades to the meaning of words generally. The crossword/scrabble stamp in full reads Feel Better, but implies other things when split as they are here. Again, all stamps from Silver Crow Creations

Well, I'm off to help St Paddy hunt down snakes... see you later!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 1 - New Month New Playtime!

Valentines - think pink, hearts, red roses, glitter... 
Think of the Commercial Pressure to buy and send someone a Valentine.
With February 14 well out of the way, 
the rest of the year we can be more genuine in expressing our affections.  
So, Dear Reader, We Love You, 
and wish you will remain our friends in The Dark Side of our HeArts

Pink... wicked Little Grumpie Cupid.  Hearts yep.  
Red roses - one, anyway, between the skull's teeth.  
Glitter... black floral glitter!  
And I thought I'd better "up-value" the 20 cent stamp 
on the previous post's envelope.

"Sentiment" by Leigh SB Designs
Cranial Caress from Delicious Doodles
Spellbinder scalloped hearts dies.
Well, well, speaking of a shadows,
I hope there is no one like this lurking:

Creepy, ehh? Clown from the Ike's Art and the background from the
Gecko Galz colored with Copics and black DI.

The only theme this month is Anything Goes Except Cute!!
Keep sharing your weird, your dark, your off-beat, 
your non-PC with us every month, with the linky for thIs month HERE:

And remember, St Patrick's Day (17th March) is all about the Snakes!  Eeek!!!

Friday, February 16, 2018

You want a Valentine card as well???

OK, ok, rubber arm twisted.  Just because it's the last day of Leigh SB Design's My Dark Valentine hop.  You can have a card... AND an envelope!

A blank card made of kraft, sprinkled Paper Artsy Infusions and spritzed.  The card curled quickly, giving the 2-directional streaming

The inside I stamped the XXL Carabelle stamp, Steampunk Mechanique, and wrote a poem for it:
When Cupid’s sharp arrow doth strike,
All thoughts of food are fled:
I am a sandwich short of a picnic,
A few noodles short of a chow mein!

In love and thus  blind.
No longer the brightest bulb in the box.
The lights are on, but I am not home:
Shipped but not delivered  - lost, so  lost for love.

Undelivered, Alack!  I am not the fastest ship in the fleet.
My heart  rends me a few keys short of a keyboard,
A few cogs short of the gear change
That would  bring together Toi et Moi

Cupid thou Nasty Cherub
I would change thine aim
But thou hast reft me of mine sanity,
Missing a few buttons on the remote,
A few keys short of a keyboard.

A few cogs short

In my heart.

And the front of the card:

The Cheery Lynn die, Hearts #2  has 3 different colours of embossing powder. The cogs were diecut from a juice carton, alcohol ink-treated.
Stencilgirl S271 Angel Circle, L157 city scape, Club 05-2017
Carabelle stamp set :Textes:  Zoom sur 1 souvenir.  Sorry I can't find it on their website, nor the one I bought it from.

As for the envelope... I hope it's got enough postage - that 20cent one better not be prophetic.

That Mocking bird that took out Poe last month is back, aiming at the cat???
Maybe there's more to it than that - an winged easter bunny with an egg-bomb?
Some love-sick boy getting his come-uppance?
 Zoom out, we want to see the whole thing to make our own minds up:
Can you see the postie daring to deliver this to anyone's letterbox???

Stencil Girl's Mixed Media Mail stencil's words pop up in serendipitous places, to comment.  A Silver Crow Creations rubber stamp simulates an Addressee.  Digi stamps include Delicious Doodles for the postage stamps (Cranial Caress and Samhain), Bloobel the Sick Boy and Kitteh, Ike's "Greece" is the building-courtyard scene.  Smeared Ink's Winged Grumpy and our hostess, Leigh SB Designs have the Oddleigh Mocking Bird, the egg, and the quote.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Trap Called Love

We're still having fun in the Leigh SB Designs My Dark Valentine hop...
Of course one can be trapped by Love.  Stupid Cupid doesn't always get it right, in any period.  Steampunk, electronicpunk (?) got mashed up with Finnabair and Michael deMeng styles too.
I scored some mdf hearts about 160mm across (that's just over 6") earlier this week, just in time!
 Silly me didn't take photos during...
One of those heart valves is a romantic apothecary's bottle with a lock of hair from 2 lovers (?) entwined together forever (or until someone breaks the glass, or uncorks it).  The cork was painted a bit darker, and we are waiting for the Triple Thick to finish drying clear.

Cupid itself is hanging on by a thread - or is that a wire from the pacemaker!

Although most of the piece got the black gesso undercoat, the clear plastic odd shapes (rough-cut diamonds?) were left alone:

Instead of sprays and washes, most of the colour was interference paints (Jacquard's highlighter blue is particularly strong, so it got knocked back a bit).  I deliberately didn't paint up the trapped person much, leaving the deathly-dark a bit of a contrast to the colourful trap and surrounds.
Leave some love, then hoppity hoppity

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What are Little Boys made of? What ARE little boys made of?

Continuing the LeighSB Designs My Dark Valentine hop...
Let's take a peek into Cupid's Pantry:

Sizzix diecut apothecary bottles cut from beer boxes.  Amazingly, on one of them the picture of a bottle cap is in exactly the right place.  They're a lovely strong cardboard without being too thick for a journal page.
All stamps are from Lost Coast Designs, though you may not recognise some of them - heads cut off,  upside down... look for Norma, Stella and Adrien in the Mini flying ladies set.  The Doll border stamp made many a snail, and random background "texture".  I have found many different ways to use the Steampunk Profile face, from their sister-company, Carmens Veranda.

The whole Journal page, with hint of another page slowly evolving:

Also entered in the Lost Coast Designs Boys Boys Boys challenge.