Thursday, December 7, 2017

Falalalalaaa ... and the winner is ...

My work with the X-mas cards continues:

Again with Stampotique stamps, :)
But off we go to some other important stuff!
The winner of the November challenge is:

Please email us at dreamindarknessblog@gmail dot com to arrange for your winner's badge and shopping trip at Sin City Stamps!

We have two awesome most honorable mentions this month too!
First Up: 

#3 Ionabunny with her colorful Day of the Dead make, love it!


#5 By Cathy with her Halloween Hangover, another fabulous bottle makeover!

Please email me as well to arrange for a small Sin City Stamp Treat!

CONGRATULATIONS!! and a HUGE thank you to everyone that played along!

And since we are talking about winners,
here's a little something December winner
will be getting:

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Friday, December 1, 2017

1 December~Already!! Are you ready???

Did any of you succumb to the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales?  
Started Christmas shopping then?  I was so lucky, I had already received a pressie from Sari.  Remember her white chocolate skulls last month?
 She sent me the mould.  Over several nights I've been casting,
and painting a set (you wouldn't want to stop at one!)  
The top centre one also has some
chunky embossing enamel from Stampendous
 If you pop back later this month looking for some relief 
from all the forced gaiety pre-Christmas,
you'll see how I've used one of them.

Wau, those skulls looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!
Way to go Anne!

I (Granne) have been making some X-mas cards ... it's about time, ehh?

Using Stampotique stamps and STAMPlorations dies.

It is DECEMBER ... time to give and get ...
so give us a link to your art and someone will be
getting mail from Santa's land....don't be naughty and not have some arty-time! Hahahhaha
Link up below: We are super casual this month!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


It's inescapable.  And after hopping on my soapbox in mid September, but not published until end of October as Halloween Mojo, I have really been tested.  Heading off to Auckland (3 hour drive) for a 3-day weekend with Andy Skinner (UK) & Tracey Weinzapfel (USA), I detoured via the Emergency Dept to catch up with dad, who had been admitted that morning after many chest pains.  Turned out some of it had been another heart attack, and he died Saturday night.  At 94 he was still driving, greeting nurses by name every shift, and discussing articles I read to him out of NZ National Geographic.  I got to do the Friday and Saturday classes, but skipped the evening ones, and Sunday class.  Then mum took a turn for the worse, and we were expecting a double funeral.  But no, she rallied somewhat.  In the meantime I also had a hectic period at work, so my time and inclination to make art was minimal.  I did NOT lose my mojo, nor did I do much creating, I was immersed in other aspects of Life.  Mum died 5 weeks after dad, and I am creating this journal spread between death and funeral, a week ahead of this publication date.

So I apologize that I didn't visit and comment on all the pieces entered in October's challenge.
And here's a reminder that run fast, fly high, but seek immortality in other ways, because the Grim Reaper will get you.
One of those ravens diecut for the last post has carked it.
Seek immortality in celluloid - aided and abetted by a Lego packet with a batman character in it.  It was on my desk, need I say more!

You can tell I used plenty of die cuts - from Seth Apter, Spellbinder, Sizzix, Elizabeth Craft.
 The soulful face came in a package from Teesha Moore,  stencils from Andy Skinner (seems discontinued) and Kaisercraft.  The flying pig is from Silver Crow Creations, and various other stamps in the background from vivalasvegas stamps, Third Stone stamps.  I guess I've been buying Treasure for too long - some of these are no longer available.

Leave us some love below, and show us your dark makings here

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

October Challenge~Winner's Post

Slowly but surely, late but here now....we have our awesome Winner for October 2017....

The winner is ...

#6 so very POE-etic and very oddly appealing....Check out Cathy's awesome altered book!

Cathy, email us at  to collect your Winner's Badge!

October is done and done and huge thank you to everyone who linked up and played along!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Advice's from the mermaids

This morning I woke up really, really early.
Must have been these Sin City Stamps Mermaids calling for me...

They had something to say


and Misty

A little different angle to show, how pretty they shine,
thanks to H2O colors

Wanna win gift certificate to Sin City Stamps?
Hop here and link your art, there's a change....

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1 November or 60 Days until the End of the Year!

November 1st....60 days until the end of the year...All Hallows' Day...Hallowmas...
Day of the Innocents...
...and simply a new day bringing some lovely creative play by your DiD Team!

Asylum Anne has had an "interesting" past month, 
(more about that later this month) but finally mailed this ATC.
Mad Rat goes to Sin City, meets the Queen who has offed some person's head.  
Maybe the axeman wasn't the sharpest tool in the box, as the head is hanging by a thread.  
At least the victim was blindfolded first.  
Perhaps the mouse(RAT) has designs on the moth body for a nuncheon.  
The background is multiple stampings of the barbed circle from Background Grunge plate.  
The back of the card's stamp is also Sin City.  
The silhouette queen stamp was from alphastamps

Granne here asking are you ready for a treat?

White chocolate shaped with Panduro's mould,
served on a wooden cup I found from a flea marked 
and fixed for the Halloween season.

Black Gesso, black paint, some Inka Golds, ribbons pearls and
lots of creative fun.

CT Kim offering a card to go with the treats above...

I used a Sugar Skull stamp by SinCity Stamps.

The skull is stamped with Ranger Archival ink. The color fill is a mix of Distress Oxide and Distress Ink.

I used a Tim Holtz die to cut the diamonds pattern and used another distress oxide play background for more color. I love shiny things, so yeah, I haddddd to add some embossing powder, Brutus Monroe Sterling. I love his embossing powder it doesn't have an oily feeling after heated and it's shiny!

Now, seize the day and share with us what you have been playing with!

Link up....below :)

The winner this month will get a gift certificate for a little shopping at Sin City Stamps!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Mojo

Every so often people talk about "losing their mojo".  Lost?  How careless!!! I'm coming to think this is an unfair term, self-critical, not nice.  There are times when other hobbies rear their head - you are still creating when you cook a meal from scratch, especially without a recipe book, or when planting out the season's bulbs in the garden.   When health, family circumstances, work overload etc demand your energy be directed in those directions, they can leave no energy for creating in your usual way.  That doesn't mean you've "lost" your mojo - it's just that you have other priorities just now.  When in crisis mode, some people do find their outlet in creating art, others are caught up in the moment, leaving no energy for arting.  And even something as "little" as Daylight Savings coming or going also can throw one out of balance and habit.

A while back I got some of Teesha Moore's stamps (Creator of Zetti style), and very recently went back for some back issues of her publications.  I hadn't discovered stamping, mixed media etc when she was doing all this, so browsing through the pages were fresh to me, and have provided a lot of inspiration.  In Art & Life issue #7, Tracy Moore refers to a talk given by Jay Lake:
"He talked a lot about balance and finding how to be a "producer" more than a "consumer;" spending lots of time playing video games, watching movies, reading graphic novels, etc.  Writing, drawing, making journals, photography, and just plain doodling are all things that fall under the "producer" label.  The satisfaction that comes after "producing" something is so far superior to the feelings which remain after being a "consumer", the choice should not be hard to make.  But it often is.  That is where balance comes in."

I've found that attending a live-in class often stops my creating for a while - it's as though my subconscious needs a lot of time to assimilate the class.  Some might say I'd lost my mojo, or enthusiasm, for the craft.  BUT I'm not doing nothing during this period.  I'm re-balancing myself by re-reading books, catching up on all those recordings of Star Trek Voyager, meeting deadlines for this blog's pieces, and "doodling".

So with Halloween around, I'm preparing die cuts with no fixed intent.
Ravens, hissy cats, supposedly black.  I was playing with alcohol ink backgrounds, and drinking juice, which provided me with more material to die cut.  The juice cartons have that silver inside.

Why shouldn't a cat or raven be shining silver in the moonlight?

Or calico-coloured after smearing the alcohol inks around.

And they would both be standing out from their background (Heaven knows what that will be).  So that means glueing multiples on top of each other.  Or offset, as if they are jumping out of their skin

But then there's a tv advert for some cat food where a cat comes busting through the wall for it - so cut a cat out of the centre of a piece of card - a cat-shaped hole in the wall.  How about some cat-coloured flowersoft around the hole - fur that got caught in the wall...

So I'm playing, I'm creating, BUT I don't have the direction for a "finished" piece.  But I'm happy, and having fun, while Nevermore (the raven) and Alice (cheshire cat?  Michael deMeng's online class starting mid-October?) play with my mind.  And mess with yours.